Ski tour in the spurs of the Tien-Shan ridge.


   Route: Tashkent – Spurs of the Tien-Shan Ridge (SPA Hotel)
– Tashkent – Samarkand
7 days / 6 nights

       In this ski tour we invite the fans of active skiing to the snow-covered slopes of the Beldersay and Chimgan mountains, and also you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the historical sights of the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent and the ancient but eternally young Samarkand.


       Ski resorts Beldersaya and Chimgan were erected under the leadership of the head coach of the USSR ski team – Leonid Tyagachev. From 1983 to 1985, in the western spurs of the Tien-Shan Ridge, trails and lifts were built that met the requirements of the International Ski Federation, hotels, restaurants, cafes – all the necessary infrastructure. It was from the mid-80’s on the weekend here in large numbers, whole families began to come to fans of mountain skiing. Small children were attached to mountain skiing from 3-4 years old. This was the beginning of the heyday of the skiing Chimgan.

        Specialists came to the conclusion that the snow structure here is similar to the New Zealand one, and also the Russian one in Krasnaya Polyana, where the XXII Winter Olympic Games were held. The structure of snowflakes is flat  and do not stick together, thus providing a quick and easy glide. There area lot of snow on the slopes, lifts work, prices are affordable and people are hospitable . Those who have ever been there again return to Chimgan with friends or relatives.

Information for snowboarders / skiers:


  • Length of chairlift – 25OOm
  • Lifting time – 25 min
  • Height difference – 565 m
  • Slope length – 3О17 m
  • The average gradient is 26O (max-52 O)
  • Length of the rope-tow rope hoist – 1OOO m.,
  • Height difference – 200 m
  • Lifting time – 5 min
  • Slope length – 25 O m
  • The upper mark of the slope is 235 meters above sea level.


  • Length of the chairlift – 80 m
  • Lifting time – 10 minutes
  • Height difference – 385 m
  • The length of the slope is 15OOm
  • Height difference – 425 m
  • The length of the rope-tow rope hoist is 57O m
  • Height difference – 35O m
  • Lifting time – 1 min
  • Length of the slope – 1 km




Arrival in Tashkent International Airport. You will meet a member of our organization and escort to the hotel, located in the Chimgan mountains (foothills of the Tien Shan mountain range) on the coast of Charvak reservoir. Transfer by car to the hotel complex «Charos Deluxe Resort and Spa» (80km 1.5 hours). Accommodation. Free time – familiarity with the surrounding territory you.

DAY 2 & 3

After breakfast at the hotel you expect great descents Beldersay Chimgan and amplitude up to 2 kilometers, located on the slopes of the Tien Shan. Ski slopes Beldersay in length account for more than 10 km and is considered to be the best in the world. In addition to professionals, confidently standing on the “board” or skiing, there are well adapted and newcomers, for the first time or recently began their descents. Snow cover on the slopes provides the best sliding, thanks to the mild climate and the perfect humidity. At your disposal will be given a lift and coaches who teach skiing or snowboarding. In the evenings – a modern nightclub hotels somebody will appreciate the latest music tracks, someone will be able to sit quietly in a quiet bar, and someone want will go to a restaurant and see the show program.

Information for snowboarders / skiers:


  • the length of the chairlift – 25OO m
  • duration of recovery – 25 minutes
  • height difference – 565 m
  • slope length – 3O17 m
  • average slope – 26O (52O-max)
  • the length of rope-rope tow – 1OOO m.
  • height difference – 2oo m
  • lifting time – 5 minutes
  • slope length – 25o m
  • upper slope of the mark – 235O meters above sea level


  • the length of rope-chair lift – 8oo m
  • the ascent – 1O minutes
  • vertical drop – 385 m
  • slope length – 15OO m
  • vertical drop – 425 m
  • the length of rope-rope tow – 57O m
  • height difference – 35o m
  • lifting time – 1 minute
  • slope length – 1 km


After breakfast drive to Tashkent travel by car and hotel accommodation. Lunch in a restaurant in the city, after which you will be invited on a bus tour of the city sights. Tashkent is located between the western foothills of the Tien Shan and the Syr Darya river. The city is the center of political and economic life of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The first mention of Tashkent (Shash was called at that time) applies to BC II c. BC. Wars and natural disasters have destroyed many historical monuments of different eras. After the devastating earthquake in 1966, the city was almost completely destroyed and rebuilt. New buildings, decorated with mosaics and stucco decorations in the national Uzbek style make Tashkent attractive and interesting. Dinner in the city restaurant.

DAY 4 & 5

Transfer to the train / station. Transfer to Samarkand by electric train “Afrasiab” (2 hours 10 min. On the way). Samarkand is more than 2700 years. The city  witnessed many historical events. Its walls withstood the troops of Alexander the Great (the end of IV century BC.), The troops of the Arab Caliphate (VIIIc.), But the city was razed to the ground hordes of Genghis Khan (XIII century.) And in the same place could no longer be revived. In XIV-XV centuries, Samarkand became the capital of a vast empire formidable Amir Timur (Tamerlane), who wanted to make it the capital of the World. Now it is the second city in size in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which peacefully coexists “hoary antiquity” and the present.

Transfer tourist road to the hotel. Accommodation on arrival, then you will be invited on a bus tour (with access to the display objects) on the architectural monuments of Samarkand XIV-XIX centuries. (About 5 hours). You will visit Gur Emir mausoleum – tomb of Timurid dynasty through the male line. It found its final resting place Great and terrible Tamerlane (Timur); the central area of the “Old Town” – the Registan, which is an ensemble of three madrasahs (spiritual and parochial schools) – Ulugbek, Tilla-Kori and Sher Dor; cathedral mosque of Bibi Khanum – the highest in Central Asia; visit the Museum of the city’s founding in the hills of the ancient Afrosiab (Ic. happened to BC). The tour will stop for lunch at a restaurant in the city and continue until sunset. Dinner. The second day in Samarkand will begin with breakfast at the hotel, after which you will go to the factory for the production of tissue paper artisanal, products from which you can purchase as souvenirs only in Samarkand. Then you will be transferred to the bazaar, which is located on the occupied by him at that time the territory of the IX century. Lunch in the modern Uzbek house where you will be offered dishes of Uzbek cuisine.

Transfer to Samarkand International Airport, where we are with you farewell, hoping to see you again in the hospitable Uzbek land!

SUMMARY: This route is valid c 1 December to 1 March (depending on seasonal natural snow covering the slopes of the mountains). Programme stay on Route 1 and the last day depends on the time of arrival to the starting point of the tour and the time of departure from the destination, therefore subject to change

Ирина Давидовна Россия, 48 лет

Тур – Сказка Востока 2016

Хочу поделиться впечатлениями и написать отзыв о своей поездке в Узбекистан. Ну, во-первых никогда не думала, что здесь так много туристов из разных стран и на памятниках старины было не протолкнуться, но все грандиозно и здорово интересно. Но начну сначала. Прилетели мы с подругой в Ургенч (так была составлена программа самаркандской тур-фирмы, даже порекомендовали рейс из Москвы), нас встретили, перевезли в Хиву, разместили в маленьком и уютном отеле, накормили ужином и пожелали «спокойной ночи». Утром после завтрака гид пригласил нас на экскурсию во «внутренний город». Мама, дорогая, мы думали, что там потеряемся – это не объяснить словами! Нам повезло с гидом: ненавязчиво, информативно, с перерывами на кофеек, на обед, не заметили как день прошел (экскурсия-то пешеходная) и пора ужинать и спать. На следующий день выехали в Бухару (аж 6 часов по пустыне). Но наш гид Наталья Михайловна — Наташа) так интересно рассказывала в пути и об истории края, и о пустыне, и о быте здешнего народа и отвечала на все наши вопросы, что мы и не заметили, как въехали в Бухару. Да, уж действительно средневековый город. Жили мы в маленькой гостинице с европейскими услугами, но с восточным колоритом. Питались в разных ресторанах, но меню нигде не повторялось. Благодаря Наташе, нам стало известно, что в Узбекистане рестораны специализируются на каком-то одном блюде национальной кухни, т.е. в меню есть много других блюд, но только местные жители знают, где вкуснее готовят именно это блюдо (например, плов или манты). Дальше по маршруту нас ждал юртовый лагерь в пустыне. Представляете, вокруг желто-серый песок, на улице жара и мы, честно говоря, подумали – зачем нас сюда завезли и вдруг в лобовое стекло авто видим большое голубое пятно – это оказалось то самое озеро, к которому ехали. Потом, конечно и накупались, и на верблюдах накатались и у костра насиделись. В общем, классно провели время (кстати, хорошо, что мы послушали туроператора Ирину и захватили с собой крем от загара и от комаров, спасибо). На следующий день после обеда выехали в Самарканд. За 2 дня мы успели осмотреть все памятники по программе, побывать на бумажной фабричке (это класс!), на дегустации (два класса!!), поесть почти все блюда самаркандской кухни (три класса!!!), посетить базар – это вообще вне конкуренции. Хорошо загоревшие, с кучей сувениров и впечатлений вернулись домой. Мы влюбились в Узбекистан. Спасибо тур-фирме за грамотно и подробно составленную программу на маршрут как мы просили, за профессионализм сопровождающего гида и водителя. Такое впечатление, что они никогда не уставали. Мы с подругой решили, что и на следующий год обратимся в фирму «Аль-Самарканд» и поедем на другой маршрут.


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